Plant Products

Nursery Trees & Shrubs

With over 7 acres, we are able to carry a wide variety of trees and shrubs, with many unusual species. We pride ourselves in being able to cater to the needs of homeowners and landscapers with our wide selection of trees and shrubs available throughout the growing season.

Annual Vegetables & Perennials

Our Perennial & Annual Departments continually keep up with current flower trends and new variety introductions as well as old garden favorites. We carry numerous annuals and perennials ranging from 4” pots to 5 gallons. We also carry a very wide selection of vegetable and herb plants for your home garden. Whether it be a seaside perennial garden, a backyard vegetable garden, or front door entrance planters, we have the right plants for you.


Creating that tropical feel doesn’t have to be difficult during our beautiful summer months. From May through September, add a tropical feel to your garden with palms, hibiscus, Mandevilla, and much more. We carry a wide variety of tropicals throughout the Spring & Summer.


Our greenhouse is always warm! Mini indoor gardening plants to tabletop plants to floor plants, we have a large variety on a daily basis. Browse our wide selection of flowering indoor plants to chase away winter blues, or add a little clean air to your home with a new house plant. We will gladly transplant your new house plant into a new planter.